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27th May 2015: Last week, news quickly spread about a security breach that impacted the casual dating website Adult Friend Finder.
Following his declaration he released the data on the Hell forum.It should be noted that last week the cache of files was freely available at Hell forum as well as on many bit torrent sites.We observed that the threat actor goes by the username of rorrg.In fact as of April 2015, 270 reported breaches have occurred exposing 102, 372, 157 records according to the Identity Theft Resource Center report.Its going to be a trying few months for those impacted by this breach.It is worth noting that, as of today, the site has increased its security and is no longer allowing non-registered members to access the site.Credit card) data and no real names.According to many sources, the breach saw the personal information of some 3-4 million users of the sites services. .Once this occurs the potential for sharing information regarding the threat actor, the breach, and associated indicators of compromise (IoCs) will increase.Rorrg made statements regarding his reasons for executing the hack, specifically citing that it was in retribution for monies he believed he was owed by the organization.Begin monitoring personal email accounts or any accounts connected with user credentials for the site closely so that in the event of fraud or extortion both internet providers and law enforcement may be contacted immediately.
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In speaking with the.We may not know for quite a long time what led to the breach.We found that the data that we had access to included: 2,674,590 unique e-mail addresses dating sex sociale situation 914, 574 unique IP addresses North American Only 1, 829, 304 unique usernames.A change in behavior and patters of use may be required with respect to impacted individuals Internet habits.What makes this breach unique isnt the fact that it occurred there is nothing unique about that as we just mentioned, but rather the adult nature of the content contained within the site related to breach.We discussed the possibility of attacks ranging from SQL injection, to the employment of exploit kits and potential malware.As of Sunday May 24, 2015, it was reported in this article that now an unredacted version of the database is being offered for sale for 70 bit coins or 17,000 by rorrg.We must be aware and observant of our digital footprints as they live on within the confines of the Internet in many cases long after were done with them.The damage that could result from exploitation of this data is immense.In fact, it has become the subject of debate amongst security researchers, who in most cases believe that the data in question will be used in spamming, phishing, and extortion campaigns.

We believe it would be in the best interests of those potentially impacted to monitor their digital footprints as closely as possible moving forward.