The essays originate from various contexts across the globe; from governmental organizations to museums, from private sector companies to universities.
Applying Conceptual Metaphor Theory together with literary and israelske kvinder data anthropological analysis, the study examines metaphors of conflict and alterity in a range of (pseudo-)mythological, heroic, and occasional poetry, including Beowulf, Old Norse skaldic and eddic verse, and poems from the celebrated Ulster Cycle.
Jonathan Willis: The Reformation of the Decalogue: Religious Identity and the Ten Commandments in England,.
It explores the principal meanings bestowed on the collar, considers the itemin its various political contexts, and places the collar within the sphere of medieval identity construction.Enlige, gifte eller som enker har de arbejdet både i og udenfor hjemmet.This volume seeks to present this work at sige nej til sex på anden date and discuss its archaeological and historical importance.From the politics of museum displays, the exploration of pedagogy, the role of local initiatives and the legal frameworks that structure representation, the volumes diversity and objectives represent a challenge for students, academics and professionals to rethink gender.Thus, they prevent the termination of the narrative.In its turn the import of its data becomes clearer, thereby shedding new light on Anglo-Norman society and governance.Taking as his starting point the assumption that the major cultural gulf in the Middle Ages was less between the wealthy and the poor than between the learned and the lay, Green explores the church's systematic demonization of fairies and infernalization of fairyland.Grundlage dafür sind archäologische Quellen, die zum Staunen einladen und zum Erforschen anregen.The subjects that appear in this book are meant to demonstrate what such core-taking on a range of mainly unexplored facets of the Reformer's personality and experience can yield.Doquang: The Lithic Garden - Nature and the Transformation of the Medieval Church (Ny) 272 sider, Oxford University Press.
It synthesizes information on medieval road terminology, roads as rights of passage and the road as an idea as much as a physical entity.
Abraham: Anticipating Sin in Medieval Society: Childhood, Sexuality, and Violence in the Early Penitentials 225 sider, Amsterdam University Press.Aus einem uralten Brauchtum herrührend entwickelt sich das Turnier seit etwa 1200 zu einem aufwändigen Fest, das bis zum Ausgang des Mittelalters ein wesentliches Element der ritterlichen Standeskultur bildet.In Archaeological Variability and Interpretation in Global Perspective, contributors illustrate the virtues of various ecological, experimental, statistical, typological, technological, and cognitive/social approaches for understanding the origins, formation histories, and inferential potential of a wide range of archaeological phenomena.She traces their influences into the work of Wagner, William Morris, and.Susanne Kern: Die Inschriften des Mainzer Doms und des Dom- und Diözesanmuseums von der Mitte des.Much of our sense of the medieval period has come down to us from the writings of the learned: the abbots, priors, magnates, scholastic theologians, and others who between them, and across Christendom, controlled the machinery of church and state.Drawing on a range of cultural, theoretical, and political approaches, Kylie Message examines potential links between methods of critique today and moments of historical and disciplinary crisis, and asks what contribution museums might make to these, either as direct actors or through activities that sit.

Undersøgelsen selv og den tidligere undersøgelseshistorie er præsenteret i bogen, som foruden selve kirkens historie indeholder kapitler om kalk-malerier, klokkestøbning, mønter og makrofosiler.
En biskop raser i 1700-tallet over dem, der beder til afguden Tor eller har en hedensk altertavle hængende i stuen.