Next to the Registered Databases dialog box, click the drop-down arrow next to Register Database and select Register Database as ArcGIS Server's Managed Database.
You can register databases that contain enterprise geodatabases and databases that do not.This updates the registration for all services except search, stream, Workflow Manager services and geoprocessing services published prior to ArcGIS.4.The way you register your 60 år gamle kvinder søger mand databases and data directories with an ArcGIS Server site in ArcMap or ArcCatalog is through the Data Store tab of the ArcGIS Server Properties window.Oracle, PostgreSQL, Informix, DB2, or, teradata.Register a folder, on the Data Store tab, you can register a local file directory or shared directory that contains GIS resources and data, such as shapefiles and file geodatabases.This opens a window where you can browse to the database connection file (.sde.odc only) on disk.Register a database, using the tools on the Data Store tab, you can register any database supported with ArcGIS.To learn more about this scenario, see About registering your data with the server.Register a GIS Server site's managed database Using the tools on the Data Store tab, you can register an enterprise geodatabase as a GIS Server site's managed database.To register the database and allow services to reference your data, follow these kvinder for at opfylde rejse steps.To access this tab, right-click your administrative or publisher, gIS Server connection in the Catalog tree and choose Server Properties.
If you're registering a database, the type of permissions you need to grant depends on what type of database you are using and what type of authentication you are using to connect.
Next to the Registered Folders dialog box, click Register Folder.
Data registration provides the following benefits: Data registration helps you validate whether your services are referencing data locations known and approved by the server administrator.The 64-bit version of the database's client software must be installed on each ArcGIS Server machine in the site before registration.For the Publisher Folder Path, specify the full path to the publisher's folder, for example, /opt/local/data, or /net/myserver/opt/local/data.It's working OK when I register it but it's still showing up as a warning after I analyze it again.You'll need to give the ArcGIS Server account at least read permissions to any folder that you register.If you need to create a connection to the database, click Add next to the Publisher database connection section to specify the publisher's connection type, properties, and authentication mode.If the publisher's machine and the server are working with different databases: Next to the Server database connection section, click Import to select a connection file.This situation can arise when databases are created by copying files from an existing database rather than by using the.You execute the, configure.

Database connections in ArcMap.
You must explicitly create this database before you can register.
Restart the services that were published from the registered database, or restart the feature services published to the managed database.