And they figured out ways to contribute d thenfinally, whats broken that we can fix?
Jim: Well, one is to say, did you mess up?
And the title is, A Practical Guide To Culture: Helping The Next Generation Navigate Todays World.
We want to engage people who are struggling in their marriages and in their family dynamics registrerede sexforbrydere i latrobe pa to help equip them to do better.John.: Uh, so - and she.John.: We dont want to get into this because we dont really know what the answers are.Uh, these are things that you dont even notice, because they just seem so normal.Jim: Say that again, because thats critical.Howdo we do that?John.: (Laughter) Well, our guest today on Focus on the Family is John Stonestreet.Ive got to believe that about not only myself, but about my daughters and my new - my newborn son.I wish I could raise my daughters in a culture in which - which they werent immediately objectified, um, you know, in a culture that strangely celebrates the life and death of one of the great womanizers in human history two weeks before, you know.
John Stonestreet not only is a good friend of mine, but hes written an excellent book with Brett Kunkle to help us train our kids in a Christian world view.
Det er yndigt, kunstfærdigt, det koster ikke.
Jim: John, let me - let me shift a little bit here, becauseI really want to get this question the book, you talked about what drives us and motivates us as Christian parents is to keep them on the good side of decision making,.Because, right now, theres so much polarization.Why are we here?Why do they not behave like adults, Daddy?I mean, we have moved - right?