It is worth noting that, as of today, the site has increased its security and is no longer allowing non-registered members to access the site.
It's suspected that credit card data may have also been compromised but was removed from data that was released.
Seeking to capitalize on the momentum, rorrg - who claims to live in Thailand - also offered to break into any company or website for 750 bitcoins, worth about 170,000.What makes this breach unique isnt the fact that it occurred there is nothing unique about that as we just mentioned, but rather the adult nature of the content contained within the site related to breach.Following his declaration he released the data on the Hell forum.Rorrg, the nickname of the person who claims to have breached the large online hookup site, wrote on Saturday in an underground forum that "I have had so many people ask me to buy the db today.".We discussed the possibility of attacks ranging from SQL injection, to the employment of exploit kits and potential malware.State code, zip code, country code, age.We must be aware and observant of our digital footprints as they live on within the confines of the Internet in many cases long after were done with them.
Sexual preference, the Digital Shadows team reviewed the TOR site where the data was hosted, specifically a forum known as Hell.The criminal underground (as mentioned above) is a buzz at receiving the redacted data and at the news that the unredacted data set can be obtained for 17,000 USD."We are also in the process of communicating directly to members on how to update their usernames and passwords the company said.The general public will likely not have any information regarding this until post-breach investigation is conducted and reported.In older posts, rorrg didn't answer people who had asked if that data was also available.FriendFinder Networks dating websteder for samme køn also wrote in its Friday update that it has disabled the username search function and masked the usernames of affected users.Rorrg made statements regarding his reasons for executing the hack, specifically citing that it was in retribution for monies he believed he was owed by the organization.Prepare to become a Certified Information Security Systems Professional with this comprehensive online course from PluralSight.Once this occurs the potential for sharing information regarding the threat actor, the breach, and associated indicators of compromise (IoCs) will increase.