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Samoa 5W 5W-AAA to registrerede sexforbrydere i tucson az 5W-ZZZ, since 1961.
If this isn't correct, you can.Kenya 5Y 5Y-AAA to 5Y-ZZZ.Solomon Islands H4 H4-AAA to H4-ZZZ Somalia 6O 6O-AAA to 6O-ZZZ South Africa ZS ZS-AAA to ZS-ZZZ (type certified aircraft) ZT ZT-RAA to ZT-RZZ (type certified rotorcraft) and ZT-TAA to ZT-TZZ (civil rpas ) 17 ZU ZU-AAA to ZU-ZZZ (non-type certified aircraft).Colonial allocation VQ-G Guatemala TG TG-AAA to TG-ZZZ Guernsey 2 2-aaaa to 2-zzzz.YU-D0000 to YU-D9999 (Drone/Unmanned Aircraft).The Isle of Man is not a sovereign entity in international law.
Lamme and Oldakowski note that Palm Beach County remained part of South Florida and the Miami metropolitan area.
Colonial allocation VQ-F Finland OH OH-AAA to OH-ZZZ OH-001 to OH-999 (gliders) OH-G001 to OH-G999 (autogyros) OH-U001 to OH-U999 (ultralights) France F F-aaaa to F-zzzz F-ayaa to F-azzz (Historic aircraft) F-caaa to F-czzz (Gliders) F-oaaa to F-ozzz (Overseas Territories and aircraft on long-term lease.Colonial allocation incorporated into Korea in 1963.From 1921 to 1929 G-AU.University of North Carolina Press.Like several of the others, it seems to have originated at the time the area first saw major growth.LQ-AAA to LQ-ZZZ (Government/Police owned aircraft).Mexico XA XA-AAA to XA-ZZZ (Commercial) XB XB-AAA to XB-ZZZ (Private) XC XC-AAA to XC-ZZZ (Government) 15 Micronesia, Federated States of V6 V6-AAA to V6-ZZZ Moldova ER ER-AAA to ER-ZZZ ER-10000 to ER-99999 Monaco 3A 3A-AAA to 3A-ZZZ.Bahrain A9C A9C-AA to A9C-ZZ Bangladesh S2 S2-AAA to S2-ZZZ Barbados 8P 8P-AAA to 8P-ZZZ.Saint Vincent and the Grenadines J8 J8-AAA to J8-ZZZ.