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This will allow for a smaller, lighter rover that isn't top heavy.
Sounds like a perfect fit.
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I can charge the batteries from a pair of ground mounted 12 volt panels.But, this is going past the design goal of "keeping it simple.".Inexpensive, small form factor, 100 watt (.DC/DC converter forfaldsdag lånet to flirtfinder ny konto step up the 12 volt solar panel to 24 volts for the charge controller.Download free application Gay Radar to your smartphone and choose status corresponding to your orientation «Gay dating «Dating boyboy» or «Dating girlgirl».Jim Summers recommended two battery suppliers: EM3EV and, electricRider.So, I've decided to let go of my desire for a solar panel on my rover.Your possibilities, now, when Gay Radar application helped you to find like-minded people, its high time to start communication with them.With Gay Radar you can find new acquaintances of your orientation nearby or anywhere in the world.And now Look at the screen!
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Bioenno Power whose "products are trusted and employed internationally and domestically by a wide customer base ranging from amateur model makers using our batteries for RC applications to professional aviators trusting our batteries to power critical avionics and Ham Radio operators." And, they sell solar.
Moral of the story: follow your heart.