In recent years, city and state officials shut down dozens of sex-oriented business on and around West 42d Street in midtown Manhattan to make way for the redevelopment of Times Square.
Kun omkring 100 af New Yorks flere end.000 barer, restauranter og klubber har den pågældende tilladelse.In six areas surveyed, only two - along the Avenue of the Americas in Chelsea and on Queens Boulevard in Woodside - showed sharply higher crime rates around adult entertainment establishments than in similar blocks without them."Sex Museum Says It Is Here to Educate" New York Times (September 19, 2002) Chancellor, Alexander.New Yorks borgmester, Bill de Blasio, har mandag underskrevet en lov, der ophæver en 91 år gammel lov, der teknisk set forbyder dans på titusindvis af barer, klubber og restauranter i storbyen.Well I'm still shaking my head.4, unlike restrictions placed on adult entertainment venues, New York City authorities have allowed the museum to locate itself within 500 feet of a church or school.New York State Board of Regents rejected its application for non-profit status, objecting that the idea of a "museum of sex" made "a mockery" of the concept of museums.The animal exhibit, I mean can it get any weirder?I'm curious to see how everyone else who's been feels about it, is it just me?East 27th Street in, manhattan, New York City."We are just trying to regulate the time, place and manner of this stuff said Councilman Charles Millard of Manhattan, an East Side Republican kvinder, der gratis sex søg who is the sponsor of legislation to restrict X-rated video stores.
The only exhibit I actually enjoyed was the room with all the objects, past present.In one area, crime was lower and the other three were relatively unaffected.Today, topless bars alone generate 50 million a year in revenue in New York City, according to estimates cited in the Planning Department study.Meanwhile, the political climate in New York City has changed in ways that make such restrictions more likely to be accepted.9 See also edit References edit Museum of Sex official website Museum of Sex Archived at press kit Kleinfield,.R.