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Are marketers undermining brands by spending on Programmatic before theyve figured out the right approach?
Director for TNS key clients.
Denna skall användas till vidareutbildning om Ali en dag återvänder till Sverige.CS: Lots of people arent getting it right yet.Programmatic will shape the future of media planning and creativity.Are they real results, and are we sure weve delivered those ads in a way that hasnt gratis voksen dating websted annoyed our end-users and consumers, and hasnt damaged the brand?JS : Whats really hot right now is obviously moment marketing: making sure youre reaching the right person at the right time and on the right platform.Now, suddenly, were seeing a whole lot of programmatic targeting just based on behaviour.Now with something like social, its not scalable to have a team of people sitting there responding to every tweet about your brand so using programmatic to deliver around social moments is going to become more and more common.
Thats where you need the secret sauce that Caspar talks about: a way that youre using your own data to help you target people better than your competitors, and its going to make integration really important.A Happy Harry or a Sad Sally would become a male aged 25 to 35 or a female aged 40.Vinnaren av Employee of the Year blev Ali Popal som jobbar i köket på Clarion Hotel Wisby.Do brands need a more imaginative approach to the data behind programmatic?CS : I think there are two areas where the research agencies have a really big role to play in this.How do marketers deal with the pressure to get programmatic right whilst ensuring their brands long-term health?We have to think about creative, not just in terms of whether it moves the brand metrics or sells more stuff, but in terms of the data it can capture and create.