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his book tour immediately goes down in flames.
Also in the episode, as a result of a bizarre chain of events, Elaine inadvertently causes the end of Pendant Publishing and therefore the end of Kramer's book.
Given and surnames edit Kramer was known only as " Kramer " during the show's first five seasons (from 1989 to 1994 though in " The Seinfeld Chronicles Jerry referred to him as " Kessler which was his original name for the show, until.Peterman she was ghostwriting, he develops a reality bus tour called "The Peterman Reality Tour" and touts himself as "The Real.The clear implication is that Kramer is radically and negatively influenced by his living environment but has grown so used to it that he does not even realize the impact it has on him.Idiosyncrasies edit He suffers from coulrophobia, a fear of clowns, in " The Opera " The Gymnast " and " The Slicer ".He is so protective of her that he even prevents George and Jerry from apologizing to her at the hospital.A necktie dispenser on the tie that replaces the tie if it becomes dirty during wear.For example, in one episode George asks Kramer if he can break a twenty-dollar bill, to which he replies, "I only have hundreds " The Mango.He throws up on her in " The Pitch unwittingly burns her dad's cabin in " The Bubble Boy dates Mona while Susan is a lesbian in " The Smelly Car " and after calling her "Lily" in " The Invitations she insists that.In " The Abstinence Kramer sues a tobacco company for the damage its products cause to his appearance, and in " The Caddy he sues Sue Ellen Mischke for causing a traffic accident that ruins his chances of becoming a professional golfer.He does not seem to have trouble attracting women, but his relationships often come to an embarrassing end, and, like Jerry's, are usually short lived.Later, talk show host.
"Doctor Says Voice on TV Caused Seizures".Despite this, most characters continued to call him Kramer for the remainder of the show's run (although many minor characters referred to him as "Cosmo.It's mentioned again in " The Fusilli Jerry " when Frank believes that Kramer used "the move" - stopping short by quickly applying the brakes of a car in order to get a quick feel of a woman in the passenger seat.Romantic relationships edit Of the four main characters, Kramer has the fewest on-screen romantic relationships.In " The Merv Griffin Show it is revealed that Kramer may have had a mentor-like relationship with the offspring of zoologist Jim Fowler, where Kramer claims that Fowler agreed to appear on his talk-show because "I practically raised his kids." Bizarre beliefs and philosophies.David's suspicion turned out to be correct; Kenny Kramer created the "Kramer Reality Tour a New York City bus tour that points out actual locations of events or places featured in Seinfeld.It never happens because they strongly disagree over the name for this product: køn gerningsmanden registreringsdatabasen el paso county Kramer wants to call it the "Bro but.Like the main characters they also get into conflict adult friend finder store kvinder with each other, most notably " The Junk Mail ".Kramer lights up a cigar på udkig efter sex i london in Monk's and is asked to leave by Larry.In " The Reverse Peephole Kramer claims that "nobody carries wallets anymore and, instead, he carries "a couple of cards and his bankroll" with the big bills on the outside (although in Kramer's case, the "big bill" is a 5).

Inside views of Kramer's apartment are seldom seen, but it's known that he installed hardwood flooring and woodgrain-like wallpaper to, as he explains to Jerry, "give it the feel of a ski lodge." The apartment is centered around a large hot tub and couch styled.