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He originally offered a list of 77 women from 19 different states, as he confessed to more and more murders, the details became increasingly more bizarre.
James Gregory Marlow and Cynthia Coffman United States 1986 5 Killed four women and one man in 1986.The leaders, cousins Herman and Paul Petrillo, were executed on the electric chair in 1941 while the rest were given life sentences.Maeue offered to painlessly kill themselves together by charcoal burning in a car, but once together he strangled them with his bare hands instead, as this excited him sexually.Tillie Klimek United States 1914 to Chicago woman who poisoned her husbands; only convicted of the murder of her third husband.Sipho Agmatir Thwala South Africa 1996 to Nicknamed the Phoenix Strangler after the area in which he committed his crimes; he raped and strangled 19 females; arrested, he was found guilty of 16 murders.Donald Henry Gaskins United States 1953 to Known as "The Meanest Man in America Gaskins was convicted of nine murders committed in South Carolina between 19He was suspected of 31 murders.Joseph Paul Franklin United States 1977 to White supremacist shooter who confessed to 20 murders and several attempted murders.Sentenced to life in prison on November 25, 2004.
Beginning two years after his release, this county store clerk raped, stabbed, strangled, and sometimes mutilated 12 or more prostitutes in Riverside County, California.Claude Lastenet a étranglé cinq femmes âgées.92 Michael Madison United States 2012 to 2013 3 American serial killer from East Cleveland, Ohio who committed at least three murders.Allan Joseph Legere Canada Convicted of killing five kvinder lære pickup people in the Miramichi area, New Brunswick.Escaped from prison and later recaptured.Known as "Charlie Chop-Off".128 The true number of murders committed by Lucas is unknown, but it is likely Lucas was not nearly as prolific a serial killer as he initially claimed to be, as most of his murder confessions were thoroughly discredited, and he himself claimed only one.Police investigated about a dozen women that had worked at Ball's place and were missing at the time of his suicide; some were found alive in San Antonio, but others could not be accounted for.Was also suspected in over 30 unsolved crimes.