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"As far as I'm concerned if they can do that to a registrerede sexforbrydere i elizabethtown pa child or anybody, they're not human Larry Ziegler said.
Law enforcement officials say I-80 plays a big part in helping men buy and sell young girls.
He said girls approach him often at rest stops.
He had all of my personal information so you know it wasn't very easy for me to just walk away Owens said.By: Melina Matthes, omaha (kptm) - You might not think of Omaha as being a hotbed for the slave trade, but if you don't, think again.A price higher than she ever expected, "he was physically abusive, he was emotionally abusive, he isolated me from my family so there was no contacting anyone, he threatened to harm my family if I were to walk away.That's a big number and it's the number of children who are kidnapped and forced into sex trafficking each year according to the.S.Sex-trafficking can occur in: residential brothels, street prostitution, escort services (usually online strip clubs, or brothels disguised as legitimate businesses (i.e.So the likelihood of someone just walking to the store or the likelihood of them just pumping their parents gas is little to none.
Like any business, legal or illegal, the demand drives the supply.
All of who are bought and sold for the sex trade.
"Everything that glitters, ain't gold as they say you know, you never know how someone's gotten what they've gotten and you know there's nothing that's free.If you see a young girl, quite often, homes aren't near truck stops.Victims of sex-trafficking can include:.S.She said her pimp approached her while she was working at a restaurant and it all started with a compliment.Sex trafficking is a category of human trafficking in which people are sexually exploited by means of force, fraud or coercion.Sex trafficking has been reported in all 50 states and the FBI says thousands of slaves are brought to the United States each year from other countries.She says he promised her the moon.