Get out and follow the onscreen instructions to learn how to melee attack him.
Sweet will drop you off.
You'll have to smoke the cops chasing you in cars.
If you can't kill a guy from one side of the car, switch to the other for a better angle.Hook up with dating for 3 måneder uden sex Ryder and head to one of the cars parked out front.Set up shop, kill a bunch of Ballas and provoke another gang war.Kane is wearing armor, so make sure you unload into him.And be sure to save.When you get to the destination, go over the wall and move toward Sweet to trigger a cut scene.Sweet is in danger.You can get chains, watches, pants and lots more.Once you get there, drive past slowly and look right to see how your homies are faring icing down the opposing gang.No real names or locations allowed.Drive over to the marker and head inside.
This will provoke a gang war, and Ballas will start coming out of the woodwork.
When that's done, your warning level will go to two stars, and the cops will be on your case.
Your hood is back, but not all the way back.It is simply a place for people to learn and improve their game.Use the weight machines thailandske kvinder for at opfylde here to build up muscle and work toward your "gangsta physique." Select a machine and follow the onscreen directions to build your mass.Controlling turf also leads to money and respect.You are competing against another lowrider, so your two scores will be tracked on the right side of the screen.Follow the car as it weaves through the streets, and make sure you don't get out in front.Don't go there right away.