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( prose : Warlock ) Jack Harkness noted that Gwen Cooper had "all the right curves in all the right places".
( audio : Vince Cosmos: Glam Rock Detective ) Other Edit Charles "Chick" Peters was born with both an X and a Y chromosome like a man, but his body did not respond to the hormones like it should have.( TV : Day One ) When John Ellis, Diane Holmes and Emma-Louise Cowell accidentally travelled from 1953 through the Cardiff Rift to 2007, both John and Emma were disgusted by what they saw.( TV : The Day of the Doctor ) Soon after his regeneration, he was glad to find that he "still got it" after Cassandra O'Brien, in Rose Tyler's body, kissed him enthusiastically.Foreman it wouldn't be fair on any of his companions to get involved sexually with them.( TV : End of Days ) Minnie Hooper took the opportunity to squeeze the Tenth Doctor 's bottom as he had a photograph taken with the Silver Cloak group, following it up by patting his backside.According to this school of thought, the " Pythia 's Curse" had made Gallifreyans effectively sterile.( prose : The Scarlet Empress ) The term "sexually pair bonded" was used to describe a two beings in a sexual relationship in the 24th century.
( prose : Death and Diplomacy profil tekst kvinde søger mand ) She was glad she'd never have to be a teenager again after meeting Emile Mars-Smith, obviously gay, though he didn't yet know this himself.
( REF : The Companions ) Nevertheless, it was JN-T himself who began what Sixth Doctor actor Colin Baker referred to as "the golden rule "No hanky-panky in the tardis." ( REF : The Television Companion ) The Doctor's female companions were allowed limited physical.
He'd always known of course, deep down, but somehow he'd managed to avoid actually admitting it to himself.After promising to be "right back" but fleeing her, ( TV : The Day of the Doctor ) he stopped just short of telling Ood Sigma that her nickname, "the Virgin Queen was no longer accurate.1980s producer John Nathan-Turner admitted he introduced Nicola Bryant 's Peri Brown mainly for her sex appeal in an attempt to compete with other programmes airing at around the same time.As well as depositing bodily wastes and gasses, the buttocks were also a common focal point of sexuality.( TV : The End of the World ) He assured Rose Tyler that, in the 900 years of his life, he had at some point "danced".( TV : The Rings of Akhaten ) Susan, too, had at least one child whom she identified as the Doctor's great-grandson by the human David Campbell.TV : Love Monsters the posterior, individually buttocks, colloquially referred to as one's bum, butt, booty or arse, was the backside of humanoid life forms, and many other bipeds or quadrupeds.( TV : For Tonight We Might Die, The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo ) Some heterosexuals found homosexuality daunting, and "Chick" Peters was forced to tell Ace to "relax; you're not my type." ( prose : Blue Box ) Homosexuality also meant to heterosexuals.TV : The Satan Pit ) Gwen Cooper complimented her boyfriend Rhys Williams on his "nice arse" while watching him get out of bed naked.( prose : Sex Secrets of the Robot Replicants ) Fitz Kreiner once had a dream in which he rubbed buttocks with the Eighth Doctor.

( TV : The Waters of Mars ) In the 26th century the home era of Professor Bernice Summerfield bisexuality was the norm.